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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


498   Main Menu CHAPTER 499 - A New Seal

    Naruto’s talk with his mother and the infusion of her chakra re-energizes him and he manages to completely  push out the intrusion of Kyuubi’s evil chakra.  With his mother’s encouragement, Naruto creates dozens upon dozens of clones and charges in to attack. 

     Kyuubi manages to break out of some of his chains but not soon enough to escape the swarm of Naruto clones closing in with Rasengans.  As they reach striking distance, Naruto activates his sage mode boosting all the Rasengans to gigantic proportions.  The powerful impacts temporarily stuns the beast, and Naruto’s clones use the opportunity to grab on to the remaining chains to hold Kyuubi in place as the real Naruto comes in from the side and attacks full force with a Rasen Shuriken. 

    The final blow was enough to rip out Kyuubi’s chakra, allowing Naruto to absorb it. Upon fusing with the fox’s chakra, Naruto obtains a new seal and is surrounded by an aura of chakra bearing many resemblances to the Sage of Six Paths.

    The Kyuubi, now mad as hell, creates a huge dense chakra ball to threaten Naruto with even when has been severely weakened.  But Naruto is not afraid and activates his new seal causing several gates to fall down upon Kyuubi and immobilize him, followed by the appearance of a large cage to once again seal away the fox.  However, Naruto promises not to harm the fox and asks him to wait.

    With the Kyuubi sealed again, Naruto wants to talk more with Kushina, but unfortunately his mother tells him her time is running out.  She wants to tell Naruto one important thing before she disappears -- that she was the Kyuubi’s previous host.


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