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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


492    Main Menu CHAPTER 493 - Evil Naruto

    An evil version of Naruto has appeared from behind the waterfall. It stares back at Naruto with eyes filled with black and tells him that he is the manifestation of what is really inside Naruto’s heart.  Naruto is initially confused and refuses to accept what his doppelganger is saying but soon realizes this is real and not some trick.  Without warning, the evil Naruto charges forward to attack, forcing Naruto to engage in battle with his twin.

    Elsewhere, Killer Bee is killing time by wrestling with a couple of the giant bears on the island.  The Hachibi urges Killer Bee to give Naruto another chance and train him since he has so much free time anyways; even Hachibi doesn’t like the Kyuubi either, he sees promise in Naruto.  However, Killer Bee still hasn’t forgiven Naruto for making fun of rap and stubbornly refuses.

    Meanwhile, Naruto is having a hard time defeating his evil self.  Aside from the personality, the Evil Naruto has all the same abilities and strengths as the original, so Naruto is stuck at a stand off.  Finally, Naruto decides to back off and wakes up from his meditation.  The entire battle had actually been taking place in his mind. Naruto informs Yamato and Motoi of what had happened and of the evil version of himself.  Motoi tells Naruto that to control the Kyuubi he must first find a way to defeat the darkness within. 

    Since Killer Bee had undergone the same training to master his Bijuu, Naruto turns to Motoi for information about Killer Bee in the hopes of figuring out how he did it.  Motoi is hesitant but agrees to help Naruto since it will benefit everyone in the long run.  Like Naruto, Killer Bee was also feared and looked down upon as a Jinchuuriki when growing up as a child.  However, Killer Bee never let himself become depressed and instead took pride in being a host, even taking up rap to make himself more appealing. He didn’t just do this for himself, he also found strength in his brother the Raikage. The traditional role of the Jinchuuriki was to protect the village and the leader, so Killer Bee wanted to become strong to make his brother proud.

    Because Motoi seems to be very close to Killer Bee, Naruto asks him to talk to Killer Bee on his behalf.  But Motoi replies that he is not worthy of doing so because he had once attempted to take Killer Bee’s life.  Both Naruto and Yamato are stunned about this revelation, so Motoi begins to explain to them about the incident which happened thirty years ago.

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Naruto Hurricane - Naruto manga volume 52 chapter 493