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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


479      Main Menu CHAPTER 480 -  Sacrifice

    Sasuke and Danzo have pierced each other in the chest at the same time causing serious injury to both men.  One single sharingan remains open on Danzo’s arm. Danzo claims this as his victory and tells Sasuke to join Itachi in the afterlife.  But as Danzo attempts to activate his last Izanagi, nothing happens.

    Looking down at his hand again, Danzo realizes that he had been tricked and that the final sharingan was actually closed.  Sasuke had noticed that because Danzo was not an Uchiha, he had to always look at his arm to gauge how much time he had left to use Izanagi.  Sasuke used this to his advantage and just before they clashed, Sasuke had cast a short but powerful Tsukuyomi on Danzo to make his believe he still had time left for his technique.  Sasuke tells Danzo that in a battle of dojutsu, no one is a match for the Uchiha.

    Karin rushes to Sasuke side and offers her arm to bite on so he can replenish his chakra.  Suddenly, Danzo’s Mokuton technique goes wild and a giant tree erupts from his right arm. Because he is on the verge of death, Danzo can no longer control the First Hokage cells and they are going out of control.  But even without his right arm, Danzo is not ready to concede and unveils Shisui’s sharingan.  

    Sasuke makes a charge at him with his Chidori, but Danzo uses doryoku, a special ability of Shisui’s, to instantly evade Sasuke and take Karin hostage.  Danzo no longer sees the sharingan in Sasuke’s right eye and reasons that he must have overused it during their battle.  Rather than waste Shisui’s genjutsu on Sasuke, Danzo plans on taking out Madara with it before he succumbs to his wounds. 

    Sasuke calls Danzo a coward for taking a hostage after all his talk of self-sacrifice. Danzo argues that he is doing it for Konoha’s sake because he is the only one who can change the ninja world

so his survival is most important.  Sasuke tells Karin to stay still and a cold look appears on his face as Sasuke activates the Mangekyou Sharingan in his left eye.  In an instant, Sasuke activates his long range Chidori and cuts through Karin to impale Danzo directly in the heart.

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Naruto Hurricane - Naruto manga volume 52 chapter 480