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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


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CHAPTER 479 -  Izanagi

    Sasuke appears to be having difficulty maintaining the Susuano’o. Sensing an opening, Danzo charges in. Sasuke fires another arrow at Danzo and impales him through the chest. However, Danzo only fades away, reappears unharmed and continues to charge forward.  Danzo uses a Wind jutsu called Vacuum Bullet to attack, forcing Sasuke to block with Susano’o shield.

     Madara is now certain Danzo is using the forbidden Izanagi technique. It can be said to be the ultimate genjutsu to use on oneself as it allows the user to reject serious wounds and even death and turn them into illusions while maintaining his own attacks in reality. The technique does not require a Mangekyou Sharingan but after only one use, the user’s Sharigan will be stricken blind permanently.  Madara suspects that Orochimaru’s experiments has extended Danzo’s Izanagi and his supply of Sharingan allows him to use it multiple times.

    Danzo is wary of Madara’s presence nearby and does not want his fight with Sasuke to last much longer. With only five Sharingans left, Danzo determines to finish their battle within the next minute. Danzo performs the hand seals to summon a gigant chimera called a Baku - a mythical beast that devours nightmares.  The Baku engages a powerful vacuum aimed at Sasuke, immobilizing him and Susuano’o due to the suction.  Danzo takes the opportunity to manoeuvre behind him and fires a jutsu called Vacuum Blaade Rush at Susano’o’s back armor. With Baku’s vacuum increasing the power of his attack, Danzo manages to create an opening in the armor to attack Sasuke. 

    However, Sasuke has other techniques at his disposal and launches a Grand Fireball directly into the gaping maw of the Baku.  The scorched beast immediately stops the vacuum and is unsummoned. Sasuke regains his mobility and punches Danzo visciously with Susano’o as he closes in.  Danzo bounces off of a wall but manages to recover due to Izanagi.  Karin observes that another eye has closed on Danzo’s arm accompanied by a big drop in chakra, and that about sixty seconds has passed since the last occurrence.  She realizes that Danzo must have a time limit for his technique and warns Sasuke.  Sasuke also has noticed this and manages to get Danzo to affirm that his technique will end when all his Sharingans close.


     Instead of bidding his time, Sasuke intensifies his attack to force Danzo to keep Izanagi attack and drain all his chakra. They exchange blows and after crushing Danzo with Susuano’o, Sasuke gets in close to attack with sword and shurikens. Danzo is down to only one active Sharigan on his arm and prepares to end it with his next attack.  Sasuke activates his Chidori blade while Danzo imbues his kunai with Wind chakra. The two clash head on, each piercing the other with his blade.


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Naruto Hurricane - Naruto manga volume 52 chapter 479