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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


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CHAPTER 478 -  Susanoo Completed

    Itachi’s sudden appearance catches Danzo off guard. Itachi activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and consumes Danzo in the flames of Amaterasu.  However, Danzo is not distressed at all and calmly commends Sasuke for succeeding in trapping him in a genjutsu.  Sasuke prepares to thrust his sword into Danzo’s back, but suddenly finds himself paralyzed.

   Danzo has reversed the situation and has instead trapped Sasuke in a seal that binds his body’s movements; he was able to place it on Sasuke when he grabbed him by the throat earlier.  Danzo comments that Sasuke’s Tsukoyomi technique is vastly inferior compared to his brother’s.  Seeing Sasuke in trouble, Karin makes a foolhardy charge at Danzo but is effortlessly kicked aside.

    Satisfied that his opponent completely immobilized, Danzo releases the technique of his Sharingan arm.  Danzo fails to see why Itachi had tried so hard to save the life of someone like Sasuke, especially after what Sasuke has turned out to be such a failure.  Danzo’s words stir up deep emotions about his brother inside Sasuke and he is able to overcome Danzo’s seal with a resurgence of his Susanoo - now in it’s complete form.  The new Susanoo is fully armoured and armed with a gigantic bow and arrow.  Seeing this new development greatly pleases Madara as Sasuke is now directly reacting to his own hatred and using it to make his body even more powerful.  

    Danzo manages to land back on the bridge after being slapped away by Susanoo, but Sasuke welcomes him by firing an arrow from Susanoo aimed at where he has landed.  Danzo has no time to form seals and activate his Sharingan arm’s ability, and instead activates a second secret ability: Mokuton jutsu.  Large trees sprout from his shoulder and manage to alter the trajectory of the arrow to save Danzo. 


    After witnessing this new ability, Madara is certain that Orochimaru must have been behind all of these bloodline abilities implanted into Danzo.  With both the power of the Sharingan and the First Hokage Hashirama in him, Madara is certain that Danzo’s goal is to control the Kyuubi himself.  Karin senses that Danzo’s chakra level has dropped dramatically, realizing that Danzo is vulnerable she urges Sasuke to attack now.  Sasuke fires another arrow, but Danzo has had enough time to use hand seals and activates his Sharingan arm again.  The arrow makes a direct hit on Danzo, but he materializes nearby completely unharmed.  Madara observes that another one of Danzo’s ten Sharingans closed as a result of his last “rebirth” and concludes that there’s only one explanation - he is using the dojutsu even the Uchiha clan has forbidden: Izanagi.


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Naruto Hurricane - Naruto manga volume 52 chapter 478