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Naruto Hurricane Chronicles


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CHAPTER 476 - Sasuke vs. Danzo

    Madara watches on from a high vantage point as Sasuke and Danzo prepare to engage for battle.  Sasuke asks about the Sharingans on his arm, but Danzo only replies that each has their own history to them.  Sasuke does not pursue further and asks the question most important to him: did Danzo and the other Konoha leaders order Itachi to kill his entire clan?

    Danzo has no intention of answering anything, he forms a series of rapid hand seals and charges straight at Sasuke. However despite his momentum, Danzo’s punch is stopped completely by Sasuke’s Suasanoo armor.  Without so much as a blink of an eye, Sasuke grabs Danzo with the semi-disembodied hand of Susanoo, rendering his opponent helpless.

    Meanwhile, Kakashi is discussing with the others on their next move.  Although they need to head back to the village right away to deliver news from the kage summit, there is the problem of dealing with Sakura.  Sai suggests that they let him watch over her so that she does nothing rash, but Kakashi feels he should be there to personally talk her out of her mission to find Sasuke.  Kakashi decides to go after Sakura by himself and have Yamato take Naruto back to Konoha, he will also send his nin dogs ahead to deliver the urgent news from the summit.  Naruto is silent throughout because his mind is only thinking of Sasuke and the recent revelations that have turned his world upside down.  Suddenly, Naruto begins hyperventilating and collapses to the ground, losing consciousness.


    Hatred consumes Sasuke and he tightens his grip on Danzo through his Susanoo while demanding to know the truth.  Danzo relents and says that he did not expect Itachi to be the type of man to make an exception to his honor bound duty and divulge his secrets before he died.  At that moment, Sasuke realizes everything Madara told him was true and his rage intensifies the Susanoo.  Danzo tells Sasuke that Itachi sacrificed, like many other shinobi across history, so that peace can be preserved for his village - an action he doubts Sasuke can understand.  By revealing his secrets to his brother, Danzo calls Itachi a traitor to the Leaf.  But before he can finish, Sasuke has Susanoo crush his body, telling his dead opponent to never say Itachi’s name again.  However, the body Sasuke crushed was an only a deception, the real Danzo catches Sasuke off guard as he suddenly appears behind him.


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Naruto Hurricane - Naruto manga volume 51 chapter 476