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Naruto MugenWhat is MUGEN?
MUGEN is a 2D fighting game engine created by Elecbyte. They created MUGEN not only to make a fighting game, but also to let others create their own fighting games. You can control almost every aspect of the engine to suit your tastes. That's the primary goal of MUGEN.

Naruto Mugen characters are all fan creations, and various versions as well as custom stages can be found all over the internet. Below are some a list of free downloads available. Make sure you read the readme or installation files in each case to get the game working properly.

Mugen (compatible with Vista)
Naruto Mugen (includes 40 Naruto characters)
Naruto: TWON (The Way of the Ninja)

For full screen, open data/mugen.cfg with notepad. Find [Video Win] and change the width and height values. Default screen is 320x240, so try 640x480 or higher. Find DXmode, the default value is Windowed, change it to Hardware or Software, which one works tends to be different depending on your computer. Also try switching your screen color from 32-bit to 16-bit.

How to add new characters: watch videos

This is the default key configuration. You can change it from the
options menu when you run the game.
Button      Player 1      Player 2
  Up        Up arrow      Numpad Up
 Down       Down arrow    Numpad Down
 Left       Left arrow    Numpad Left
Right       Right arrow   Numpad Right
  X         L             Numlock
  Y         semicolon     Numpad slash
  Z         double-quote  Numpad asterisk
  A         comma         Numpad -
  B         period        Numpad +
  C         slash         Numpad Enter
Start       Enter         Numpad PgDn

These are the default playing modes:
Arcade         - Go 1 on 1 against the computer
Versus         - Go 1 on 1 against your friend
Team Arcade    - Play various team-up modes against the computer
Team Versus    - Play various team-up modes against your friend
Team Co-op     - Gang up against the computer with your friend
Survival       - See how long you can last in an endless battle!
Survival Co-op - Play survival mode with your friend as a partner
Training       - Try out moves and combos
Watch          - Watch AI-controlled characters fight
Options        - Set up basic game options
Exit           - Returns you to the DOS prompt

These are the hotkeys recognized at the fight screen:
Key       Function
Pause     Toggle pause
ScrollLck Frame-step within pause
Esc       Quit

The following hotkeys are for debugging purposes.
Key       Function
F1        Sets Player 2's life to zero
Ctrl-F1   Sets Player 1's life to zero
F2        Sets both players' life to 1
Ctrl-F2   Sets Player 1's life to 1
Shift-F2  Sets Player 2's life to 1
F3        Gives both players full power
F4        Reset the round
Shift-F4  Reloads stage, characters and fight data
F5        Time Over
F12       Take a screenshot (saved to mugen?.pcx)
Ctrl-C    Toggles display of collision boxes, target data (including
          remaining juggle points) and NotHitBy attributes
Ctrl-D    Toggles debug information display
Ctrl-I    Forces both players into stand state
Ctrl-L    Toggles display of the life and power bars
Ctrl-S    Run the game as fast as possible
Ctrl-V    Enable V-sync (stops "shearing")
Ctrl-#    (where # is from 1-4) Toggles AI for the #th player
Ctrl-Alt-# (where # is from 1-4) Enables/Disables the player
Space     Restores full life and power to all players

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