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    HELLO VIEWERS! Welcome This the Naruto vs Bleach Tournament! This how the fights will be Uyru VS Gaara ,Sai vs Rukia,Toshiro VS Kakashi , Chad vs Sakura the last too are. Renji VS Sasuke lastly Naruto VS Ichigo! WInners will go on to claim the title of ULTIMATE ANIME FIGHTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We will start first with our first two conteaneasts Uyru and Gaara steps in the arena here are the rulz no killing each other that all. Uyru tells gaara good luck gaara doesnt reply. LETS FIGHT!!!!

older gaara uryu    Gaara starts it chassing Uyru with his sand Uyruu dodges with hirenkyaku (like the flash step but slower) Uyru lets off multiple shots to the chest but gaara’s sand blocks them all. Uyru then realizes he must get close and shoot Gaara in close range he runs to Gaara heading full speed shooting and using hirenkyaku. Gaara performs some hand seal and says this will end you. Sand Wall while the sand rises gaara does more hand seal for desert sand imperial burial and get reday to trap Uyru. Uyru dogedes the sand wall by shooting a hole through it repedately so he can walk thorugh he walks right into the quicksamd and starts to sink and he’s nearly at bottom begins to release his last move Ransotengai he shots an shoot in the air to escaspe gaara realizing that Uyru is not defeated gets ready to fight.

Uryu Ishida GAARA AND SAND    Gaara begins to grumble and speak to himself is a sadistic way Uryu is confused and begins to fire off more shoots but the sand simply blocks them all. Then the sand around Gaara begins to merge with him forming his Shukaku form. He then lets out a scream with a thirst for blood and charges in at Uryu Uryu then shoots more arrows but they have no affect and Shukaku lauches some sand shuriken. Then Uryu nails all the sand shuriken with arrows but Gaara is to close and sends Uryu flying with a powerful blow. Gaara then thinking he has the upper hand relases his form.

shukaku Uryu Ishida    Gaara Realized his power jsut tripled he prepares his shield of shukau.Uyru prepares to shoot and charges and shoots at 100% and easily goes through shield of shukau and goes Gaara’s sand armor and hits him in the lungs. Gaara coughing up alot of blood does one more hand seals and does desert coffin uyru suprised at Gaara last atempt release antoher shot and hits gaara in his arm so cant move it Gaara then faints. Uyru after using what little spritual pressure he had to escape falls but ichigo catches him and lays him on the bench for his uyru match. Uyru mutters thanks and the annocuner Kon yells the next fight Sai vs Rukia!

Sand Sheild uryu ishida

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