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Job: Bridge builder
Affiliations: Land of Waves
Family: Tsunami (daughter), Inari (grandson)
Age: 59
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Blood Type: ?
Chakra Type: ?
First Appearance: Anime ep.6, Manga ch.

  Tazuna is an expert bridge builder from the Land of Waves.  He is Tsunami’s father and the grandfather to Inari.  Although he knew that he would be targeted by Gato’s assassins, Tazuna went ahead and began building a bridge to connect the Land of Waves to the mainland.  He did this so that the country’s economy and the future of his family will improve, even if he had to put his life on the line.  Because he could not afford an A-rank mission, he lied to Konoha and hired Team Kakashi for a C-rank mission.  Despite the deception, Naruto and the others saw his good intentions and successfully completed their mission to protect him and his family.  As gratitude for Naruto's bravery during the mission, Tazuna named the completed bridge the "Great Naruto Bridge."

Great Naruto Bridge
Great Naruto Bridge
  Tazuna named the completed bridge the "Great Naruto Bridge" to show his gratitude for Naruto bravery during the mission.