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Temari Temari in part 2
part I                        part II
Ninja Stats* for Temari
Hand Seals
*blue=part 1, green= part 2
Rank: Genin (part I), Jonin (part II)
Teammates: Gaara, Kankuro
Sensei: Baki
Specialties: Wind jutsu, Long range expert
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.34, Naruto ep. 20
Affiliations: Sunagakure
Age: 15 (I), 18 (II) (August 23)
Height: 5.04 ft
Weight: 98.1 lb
Blood Type: O
Chakra Type: Wind

    Temari is the oldest of the Fourth Kazekage's children. She is the sister of Gaara and Kankuro. Although she often puts up a tough demeanour, Temari cares deeply for her siblings and will do all she can to protect them as the elder sister. However, toward her enemies, she is ruthless and aggressive. Her main weapon is her distinctive iron fan which is capable of generating powerful gusts of wind when combined with her chakra and ninjutsu. This also makes Temari primarily a long range type fighter. She is very effective at this role because she is highly analytical and has a keen judgment of distances. Her ability to think several steps ahead of her enemy is similar to Shikamaru Nara, but Temari was not able to best the Konoha shinobi in that respect when they fought during the Chunin exam. Coincidentally, Temari and Shikamaru often appear together in the Naruto series, leading some fans to speculate they may be involved in a relationship.
Battle Record:
Temari vs Tenten (episode 43 ) Win
Temari vs Shikamaru Nara (episode 64) Win
Temari vs Sasuke (episode 72) Loss
Temari vs Tayuya (episode 125) Win

Abilities and Jutsus:
Iron Fan (Weapon)
  Temari main weapon and the source of many of her Wind type jutsus.  Despite its size and weight, Temari has no trouble lifting it with one hand and can use it as a club if need be.  It can also be used by Temari to glide upon, using Wind she generates to keep it afloat. There are three circles on the fan; the more circles that are uncovered, the more powerful her jutsus are.

Cutting Whirlwind (Ninjutsu)
  Once three circles are revealed on Temari's fan, she can use the Cutting Whirlwind jutsu to generate powerful gusts of wind that can repel weapons as well as injure enemies.

Great Cutting Whirlwind (Ninjutsu)
  An even more powerful version of the Cutting Whirlwind that generates whirlwinds strong enough to slice through tree trunks with ease.

Dust Wind (Ninjutsu)
  A variation on the Cutting Whirlwind jutsu that can repel enemies as well as create a dust storm to blind them.

Fuuton: Severing Pressure (Ninjutsu)
  This jutsu traps the opponent in a small tornado.  The vortex contains Wind chakra and can cut the opponent while he is trapped.

Kamatari (Summon)
  Kamatari is a sickle wielding weasel that Temari summons using Summoning technique: Whirlwind Dance. Kamatari is able to create powerful cutting wind gusts that can level a forest in mere seconds.

Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
  Wind based jutsu which sends a wave of pressurized airstreams to cut and pierce the target with a high degree of precision.

Ookamaitachi (Ninjutsu)
  Also called Large Whirlwind Slice, this jutsu is a more powerful variant of the Kamaitachi and sacrifices precision for greater cutting power.