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Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga Neji Hyuga in Naruto part 2
part I                        part II
Ninja Stats* for Neji Hyuga
Hand Seals
*blue=part 1, green= part 2
Rank: Genin (part I), Jonin (part II)
Teammates: Rock Lee, Tenten
Sensei: Might Guy (Gai)
Specialties: Long range scouting, Hand-to-hand expert
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.36, Naruto ep. 21
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: 13 (I), 16 (II)
Height: 5.25 ft
Weight: 103.2 lb
Blood Type: O
Chakra Type: ?
young Neji with father    Neji is a member of the Hyuga clan but belongs to the branch family.  His father, Hizashi Hyuga, was the twin of Hiashi Hyuga, the current leader of the Hyuga clan.  The Hyuga clan practiced a tradition of branding those of the branch family with a seal applied to the forehead.  This was meant to control the branch family members and punish them if necessary because when activated, the seal causes excruciating pain and can even kill the family member. Because of this, Neji grew to resent the main family.  His hatred grew when his father was killed.  Although Neji did not know this at the time, his father willingly sacrificed his life to save his brother’s.  But Neji had believed the main family was responsible for his father’s death.

Hyuga family seal    Like Sasuke, Neji was considered a natural genius and was the top rookie of his class.  However, because he was a member of the branch family, he was not allowed to learn the secret techniques of the Hyuga clan. But this did not stop Neji from working hard and training on his own to improve his techniques.  Because of the incidents of his past, Neji believed that one is born into his fate and cannot change it.  He looked down upon “failures” like Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki, whom he believed could never surpass someone who is born as a genius. Neji especially hated Hinata Hyuga because even though she is a member of the main Hyuga family, she is weak and lacks confidence.


Neji defeated by Naruto    It wasn’t until the Chuunin exams did a certain knuckle-headed ninja change Neji’s way of thinking.  In the final rounds of the exam, Neji faced Naruto as his opponent.  Believing Naruto to be a perpetual failure, Neji attempted to show Naruto his place by defeating him at every turn in the fight.  But it was Naruto, with the help of Kyuubi’s chakra, who defeated Neji in the end.  Naruto managed to convince Neji the errors of his thinking by proving to him that fate can be changed.

    After these events, Neji’s relationship with Hinata and the rest of the main family improved.  It also appears that the archaic restrictions placed on the branch family members have also been lifted.  Neji has been training with Hiashi and has greatly improved many of his abilities.

Battle Record:
Neji vs Hinata (episode 46-47) Winner: Neji
Neji vs Naruto (episode 60-62) Winner: Naruto
Neji vs Kidomaru (episode 115-117) Winner: Neji
Neji appears in Naruto Movie 4
Abilities and Jutsus:
Byakugan Byakugan (Bloodline)
  'White Eye' is a bloodline limit ability possessed by all descendants of the Hyuga clan.  It gives Neji a near 360 degree field of vision around him, allowing him to notice acute movements, sense chakra, and even see through walls.  Neji's Byakugan originally had a range of 50 meters, but he has improved it to 800 meters in part II.

Gentle Fist Gentle Fist (Taijutsu)
  Gentle Fist is a taijutsu style that aims to damage an opponent's chakra circulatory system, rather than cause external injuries.  Each attack injects the user's chakra into the opponent in order to disrupt their chakra flow.  It is best used with the Byakugan which allows the user to see an opponent's chakra nodes.

Sixty-Four Palms Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms (Taijutsu)
  This jutsu involves performing gentle palm strikes in extremely rapid succession.  The aim is to close all sixty-four of the bodies' chakra nodes. The attack can only be initiated if the opponent is within a certain range; Neji uses a Taoist symbol to determine this.
One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms Eight Trigrams: One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms (Taijutsu)
  An upgraded version of the Sixty-Four Palms jutsu which Neji first used in his battle with Kidomaru. As the name suggests, 128 strikes are made in quick succession using gentle fist. This attack also has a limited range.
Palms Heavenly Spin Eight Trigrams: Palms Heavenly Spin (Taijutsu)
  This is a defensive spin that uses chakra to form a shield.  It is used to block attacks from all directions . Although a defensive move, the spin can also be used to hurl enemies away.
Empty Palm Eight Trigrams: Empty Palm (Taijutsu)
  Empty Palm uses the same principle as the Palms Heavenly Spin, but concentrates the spin to the palms of the hands.  Opponents caught in the blast are violently pushed away.
Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher (Taijutsu)
  A powerful taijutsu that focuses chakra in the palm and releases it in one sudden bursts.  It is more damaging than the Empty Palm but must be released on contact with the enemy.