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Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto uzumaki 15 years old
part I                        part II
Ninja Stats* for Naruto Uzumaki
Hand Seals
*blue=part 1, green= part 2
Rank: Genin
Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha (part I), Sai (part II)
Sensei: Kakashi Hatake, Jiraiya, Yamato
Specialties: Rasengan, Shadow Clone replication, Large chakra reserve
First Appearance: Naruto anime ep.1, Naruto manga ch.1
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: 12 (I), 15 (II) (October 10)
Height: 145.3cm (I), 166cm (II)
Weight: 40.6kg (I), 50.9kg (II)
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: Wind

     Naruto was once described by Kakashi Hatake as Konoha’s “number one loudest, unpredictable, hyperactive knuckle headed ninja.”  Naruto is always energetic and a prankster at heart.  Although he might not be the most skilled ninja when it comes to any of the jutsu disciplines, his resourcefulness and cleverness has surprised many opponents in combat.  He has repeated declared his own “Way of the Ninja” in the series; this is mostly comprised of never giving up and going back on his promises, as well as always using his strength to protect his friends and loved ones.  But Naruto’s strong will can also turn into stubbornness and even brashness in battle.  On more than one occasion, his teammates had to step in and stop Naruto from charging forward blindly in a fit of rage.

    Naruto is the son of the late Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and a kunoichi from the former Whirlpool Country, Kushina Uzumaki.  It has been commented by Tsunade and Jiraiya that although Naruto resembles his father the most, his personality and jutsu style are almost identical to his mother’s.   In order to stop the rampaging Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Kyuubi from destroying Konoha, the Fourth Hokage sealed Kyuubi inside his own infant son, Naruto.  However, Namikaze soon died from the process, leaving Naruto an orphan (it is presumed his mother passed away previously).  Even though the Third Hokage forbid the adults from speaking about the demon sealed inside Naruto, most still feared and ostracized him.  Even so, Naruto wouldn't let anyone stop him from his goal to eventually become Konoha’s Hokage.

    Naruto took his first step towards his goal when he graduated from the Ninja Academy to become a genin level ninja.  His mentor and closest person to a family was Iruka Umino, who despite having his own parents killed by Kyuubi, did not bear any grudge against Naruto.  Because of the Kyuubi’s chakra off-balancing his own, Naruto had a hard time performing even basic jutsus and was often picked on by other kids.  Iruka was always there to encourage him and often treated Naruto to ramen at Ichiraku’s to reward him for achieving certain goals.

    After graduating, Naruto gained new friends in the form of his new sensei and teammates, Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.  Although it was rough at first, Naruto eventually made strong bonds with Sasuke and Sakura, and was willing to do everything he can to protect them.   Naruto had a crush on Sakura, but she repeatedly had made it clear to him that she was only interested in Sasuke.  It would not be until part II did Sakura’s feelings for Naruto began to surface.  Naruto’s determination to become Hokage one day even affected Tsunade, who would become the Fifth Hokage.  Because Naruto’s spirit resembled so much of her little brother Nawaki and her lover Dan (both killed in the Ninja Wars), Tsunade decided to pass on her amulet from the First Hokage to Naruto.  The amulet will be crucial later in the series because it contains a special chakra crystal which allowed the First Hokage to tame tailed beasts.

    During the Sasuke Retrieval arc, Naruto and other Konoha shinobi under Shikamaru’s leadership set out to bring Saskue back to Konoha.  It ultimately led to Naruto facing Sasuke in a one-on-one battle at the Valley of the End.  Naruto failed to defeat Sasuke, who went on alone to join Orochimaru’s organization.  Naruto nearly lost his life in the battle, alive only because of Kyuubi’s regenerative abilities and the fact that Sasuke did not finish him off.  Nevertheless, Naruto was not about to give up on Sasuke.  Even as he sat in his hospital bed, he pledged to Sakura again to bring Sasuke back for her.

    During the time skip before part II, Naruto set out with Jiraiya to travel and train in preparation for his ultimate confrontation with Sasuke again.  Jiraiya was the sensei to Naruto’s father, Minato Namikaze, and taught Naruto the Rasengan, an original jutsu developed by Minato.  Naruto improved his skills and gained a host of new abilities including better control of his Kyuubi transformation.  However, after an incident where he nearly killed Sakura during one of his rampages in the four-tailed Kyuubi form, Naruto was convinced by Yamato to rely more on his own power in order to reach Sasuke.  After intensive training with Kakashi and Yamato, Naruto eventually developed his own jutsu, the Spiral Shuriken, based on the original Rasengan but with Wind chakra injected into the mix. 

    Naruto is most comfortable in close range hand to hand combat.  His immense natural chakra reserve allows him greater stamina and gives him the ability to make multiple Shadow Clones with ease.  Initially in the series, Naruto often charged in blindly with his clones in a mass attack.  But in part II he has started to learn to use his clones more effectively by using them to test and analyze the enemy before committing to a full attack.  Naruto’s signature move is still the Rasengan, it can deliver a lot of damage but must be delivered at point blank range to the target.  Although the Spiral Shuriken is a far more deadly jutsu, Tsunade has forbid Naruto from using it because its long term effects could prevent Naruto from using chakra ever again.

***Spoliers:    It has been revealed in chapter 367 that Naruto's biological parents were Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Battle Record:
Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi vs Zabuza and Haku (episode 7-9, 13-18) Win
Naruto vs Rain Ninja (episode 36) Win
Naruto vs Kiba (episode 44-45) Win
Naruto vs Gaara (episode 77-80) Win
Naruto vs Kabuto (episode 94) Win
Naruto vs Kimimaro (episode 121-123) Unresolved
Naruto vs Sasuke (episode 128-134) Loss
Naruto and Kakashi vs Deidara (Shippuuden episode ) Win
Naruto vs Kakuzu (Shippuuden episode ) Win


Abilities and Jutsus:
Kage Bunshin Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
One of Naruto's favorite techniques is to create Shadow Clones of himself.  While most ninja can only maintain three or four clones at a time.  Naruto's stamina and vast chakra reserve allows him to easily create thirty or forty (maybe even hundreds).  
Sexy no Jutsu Oiroke no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
'Sexy Technique' is most effective on men, Naruto transforms into a naked young girl, distracting his enemies or stunning them as they recover from a massive nosebleed.  Combines with Shadow Clones to make Harem no Jutsu ( a lot more naked girls).
Harem no Jutsu Harem no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
'Harem Technique' is a combination of Sexy no Jutsu with Shadow Clones technique to make a lot more naked girls.  Very effective against "closet perverts."
henge Henge  (Ninjutsu)
  Henge or transformation is a basic ninjutsu technique Naruto has perfected through practice.  During the battle against Zabuza, Naruto transformed himself into a large shuriken in order to launch a surprise attack against their opponent.
combined henge Combination Henge  (Ninjutsu)
  Combo Transformation was first used by Naruto with Gamabunta during the fight against Shukaku.  Naruto chose the form and performed the hand seals while Gamabunta provided the necessary chakra.  Ironically, the form Naruto chose was that of Kyuubi.
Gamakichi Gamakichi (Summon)
  Gamakichi is on of the sons of Gamabunta, he was first summoned by Naruto in his battle against Gaara because he couldn't focus his chakra correctly.  Gamakichi can talk and has a rude attitude, but formed a friendship with Naruto after he shielded him from Gaara's attacks.
Gamatatsu Gamatatsu (Summon)
  Gamatatsu is also one of Gamabunta's sons. He was first summoned by Naruto during the Search for Tsunade arc. Naruto had wanted to summon Gamabunta instead, but could not access Kyuubi's chakra.  Gamatatsu can speak but seems less intelligent than Gamakichi and also has a fixation on food.
Gamabunta Gamabunta (Summon)
  Gamabunta is also known as the Toad King, and is one of the most powerful toads Jiraiya can summon.  Naruto is able to summon Gamabunta by relying on his Kyuubi chakra. Gamabunta is several stories tall, he speaks with yakuza (Japanese mafia) slang and carries a giant yakuza dagger.
Rasengan Rasengan  (Ninjutsu)
  'Spiraling Sphere' is a powerful ninjutsu Naruto learned from Jiraiya.  It requires Naruto to focus chakra into a dense sphere on his palm.  When brought into contact with another object, it can inflict tremendous damage.
Naruto Combo Uzumaki Combo (Taijutsu)
  This is pretty much a copy of Sasuke's Lion Combo. Naruto uses four Shadow Clones to hit the opponent into the air and ends with a kick from above called the 'Naruto Rendan.'
Kyubi Kyuubi (Seal) (Special)
  Sealed inside Naruto is the demon fox Kyuubi. Normally, Kyuubi's near limitless chakra passively heals Naruto's wounds.  Naruto is slowy learning how to use Kyubi's chakra to power-up his own techniques and increase his physical powers.
Transformed Naruto Kyuubi Transformation (Special) (Seal)
  Using more of Kyuubi's chakra can increase Naruto's powers exponentially.  At high levels, a red chakra shield will envelop Naruto.  At even higher levels, Naruto's body will begin transforming into a fox form.  However, the more he changes the more control he loses to Kyuubi
Kyuubi Rasengan Kyuubi Rasengan (Special) (Ninutsu)
  Powered by Kyuubi's chakra, the Kyuubi Rasengan is formed from a collection of dark chakra bubbles and has a light red tinge to its normal color.  It is far more destructive than the regular Rasengan but must still be delivered at close range.
Odama Rasengan Odama Rasengan (Ninjutsu)
  Great Ball Rasengan is an improved version of the original Rasengan which Naruto developed during the time skip. It is far more powerful and chakra intensive, so it requires Naruto and a Shadow Clone to maintain it.
Naruto four tails transformation Kyuubi Four-Tail Transformation (Special) (Seal)
  When Naruto grows a fourth tail during his Kyuubi transformation, he loses all awareness of his actions and goes into a rampage. A mixture of Kyuubi's chakra and his own blood coats his body, forming an impenetrable layer.  This state is very dangerous to maintain because it erodes Naruto's human body while active.
Naruto kyuubi chakra canon Kyuubi Chakra Cannon (Special) (Ninjutsu)
  In the Four-Tail Kyuubi state, Naruto is able to gather and compress black chakra into a high density sphere. The sphere is then swallowed and fired at an extreme velocity, creating a gigantic shockwave in its wave.
Spiral Shuriken Rasen Shuriken (Ninjutsu)
  Naruto developed the Spiral Shuriken during his training by injecting his Wind chakra into the original Rasengan. Despite being called a shuriken, the attack must be made at point blank range.  This jutsu is highly dangerous because it uses microscopic blades of Wind chakra to attack every cell in the body.
Sage Mode Sage Mode (Special)
  After training with Fukasaku at Myoboku Mountain, Naruto is able to master the Sage Mode technique which Jiraiya and his father had learned.  Sage mode allows Naruto to ampify his powers by drawing in nature's energy and combining it with his own internal chakra.  But to gather nature's energy, Naruto needs to remain absolutely still.
Frog Katas (Taijutsu)
  Frog Katas is a fighting style Naruto can use while in sage mode.  Not only does sage mode amplify the strength of Naruto's hits, the nature's energy he absorbed also increases the range of his attacks.  Essentially, Naruto does not need to physically contact his opponent to actually strike him.
Sage Tech: Rasengan (Ninjutsu)
  The chakra boost Naruto receives from being in Sage mode allows him to create even larger and deadlier Rasengans.
Sage Tech Rasen Shuriken (Ninjutsu)
  This second evolution of the Rasen Shuriken is a long range projectile version.  The core of the Rasen Shuriken is composed of dense Rasengan chakra while wind chakra spins rapidly around it like a spinning disc.  After being thrown at a target, the Rasen Shuriken will rapidly expands to increase its attack area, surprising any foes who may have thought they dodged it the first time.
Sage Mode Super Strength (Taijutsu)
  Sage Mode grants Naruto an unbelievable boost to his natural strength.  He is able to lift several tons into the air effortlessly and take out opponents with a single punch.
Futon: Toad Canon (Ninjutsu)
  A filler only technique where Naruto combines his wind element with Gamatatsu's water canon jutsu to perform a combo technique.
Kyuubi Six Tails Transformation (Special) (Seal)
  The 6-tails state is similar to the 4-tails except that a skeletal carapace begins forming over Naruto's body.  The 6-tails is not just stronger, it is also faster, more cunning and has far better control over its own powers.