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Ninja Stats* for Jiraiya
Hand Seals
*stats from part II
Rank: Kage level
Students: Naruto Uzumaki
Former Students: Fourth Hokage
Former Sensei: Third Hokage
Former Teammates: Tsunade, Orochimaru
Specialties: Toad summoning, Sealing jutsu
First Appearance: Anime episode 52, Manga chapter 90
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: 50 (I), 53 (II) (November 11)
Height: 5.94 ft
Weight: 192.9 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?

    Jiraiya is a member of the Legendary Three Ninja of Konoha along with Tsuande and Orochimaru.  All three of them were trained under Sarutobi, the Third Hokage.  Jiraiya was very much like Naruto Uzumaki during his early days as a genin.  He was not particularly talented in ninjutsu compared to the gifted Orochimaru, but was Sannin youngstubborn and worked hard to increase his skills.  Jiraiya’s hard work paid off and he became one of the strongest shinobis in Konoha.  The genin team which Jiriaya was given leadership over included Minato Namikaze, who eventually became the Fourth Hokage of Konoha.  After Orochimaru left Konoha, the position of Hokage was offered to Jiriaya.  But Jiraiya felt responsible for Orochimaru’s desertion of Konoha and went after his former teammate.  During this time, Jiriaya developed a spy network of informants in other countries and became known as the Legendary Hermit.  Although he formally left Konoha, Jiraiya is still is fiercely loyal to the village.  Jiraiya returned back in Konoha to defend it against Orochimaru’s attack during the Chuunin Exam.

    During the Ninja Wars, he encountered three war orphans, Konan, Yahiko and Nagato in the Country of Rain.  Jiriaya felt obligated to protect them and spent three years training the children in ninjutsu so that they may protect themselves.  However, this act of kindness would haunt him many years later as he discovers that Nagato (now known as Pein) and Konan are now members of Akatsuki.

    Despite Jiraiya’s prowess in ninjutsu and legendary status, he has proclaimed himself as a super-pervert; Naruto normally refers to him as Ero-Sennin or Perverted Hermit.  Jiraiya does not try to hide this fact from others and one of his favorite Jiriaya the perverthobbies is to conduct “research” (ie. peeping) for material for one of his adult novels such as the popular "Make Out Paradise" (Icha Icha Paradisu).  This habit has cost him dearly in the past as one time in his youth, Tsunade had caught him peeping on her and beat him nearly to death.

    Although Jiraiya’s full abilities have yet to be revealed, he is believed to be very powerful as even Itachi and Kisame had to flee from him during their first encounter.  Similar to Might Gai, Jiraiya likes to make over-the-top entrances and often utilizes kabuki style poses when introducing himself.  His specialties in combat mostly involve Toad summons and he also appears to have a preference for Fire-based techniques.  Jiraiya also has a very high degree of knowledge in Seals, perhaps greater than Orochimaru.  He can use the Rasengan, though it was his student, Minato, who developed it.
Abilities and Jutsus:
Toad summons Toad Summonings (Summon)
  Jiraiya's specialty summons are his toads and he seems to have one for every situation.  See below for a list of known toads Jiriaya has summoned.

Five Element Seal (Seal)
  Jiraiya channels the five chakra elements into each finger on one hand and activates the seal by pressing it into the target.  He used this jutsu on Naruto to remove Orochimaru's seal to correct Naruto's chakra flow.

Frog Mouth Trap (Summon)
  Jiraiya is able to summon the esophagus of a fire-breathing rock toad from the Myouboky Mountain to completely entrap his enemies.  The lining of the esophagus will attempt to consume the victims inside and Jiriaya can even summon tentacles from the walls.  Itachi and Kisame are supposedly the only ones who have escaped from this jutsu.

Rasengan (Ninjutsu)
  Minato Namikaze was the one who developed the Rasengan, but it was Jiraiya who passed down the powerful jutsu to Minato's son, Naruto.  It uses shape manipulation to gather and mold chakra into a dense spinning sphere in the user's hand and causes tremendous damage to anything it comes into contact with.

Doton: Swamp of the Underworld (Ninjutsu)
  Jiraiya creates a large patch of swamp in the gorund beneath the target which causes them to sink.

Spines of the Underworld (Ninjutsu)
  By lengthening his spiky hair, Jiraiya can create an armor of quills around his body to deter close range attacks.

Katon: Fire Blowing (Ninjutsu)
  The Fire Blowing attack is a typical Fire element jutsu that spews out an intense jet of flames at the target to incinerate him.

Burning Oil Jet (Ninjutsu) (Special)
  By combining his Fire Blowing jutsu with a discharge of oil from Gamabunta's mouth, Jiraiya can create a jet of burning oil to roast his enemy.

Toad-Silhouette Control Jutsu (Ninjutsu)
  This jutsu is similar to the Nara clan's Shadow Bind jutsu since it allows Jiraiya to hide in the shadow of his victim and control his every movement.

Toad Oil Blast (Ninjutsu)
  Jiraiya spits a glob of sticky oil at his opponent to restrict their movement. It is apparently very difficult to wash off.

Lion's Mane (Ninjutsu)
  A technique that allows Jiraiya to extend his hair and use it to bind and attack the enemy.  

Barrier (Ninjutsu)
  Jiraiya can create an expanding barrier that allows him to detect the location of any creature which enters it, including invisible ones.

Hermit Mode (Summon) (Special)
  Part of transforming into Hermit involves Jiraiya summoning Ma and Pa toad - a pair of elderly toads who sit on his shoulders and aid him with various jutsu combos and also advise.  Hermit Mode also transforms Jiraiya's features more into those of a toad, such as his warted nose and toad-like hands and feet.  But at the same time, Jiraiya is also vastly stronger and faster.
Hermit Mode: Ma's Tongue Lashing (Taijutsu) (Ninjutsu)
  Ma's tongue can be transformed with ninjutsu to detect any living creature in the vincinity even if it is invisible.  The tongue can then be used to lash out at the enemy, bind it and burn it by secreting acid from the tongue's pores.
Hermit Mode: Pa's Water Jet (Ninjutsu)
  Despite his small size, Pa toad can eject a tremendous amount of water from his mouth.  By narrowing the stream, he can increase the power of the jet and can literally cut through solid concrete walls with the water.
Hermit’s Art: Deep Fryer (Ninjutsu) (Combo)
  A combination ninjutsu attack with Ma toad providing the fire, Jiraiya supplying the oil and Pa toad intensifying the flames with wind jutsu.  The result is a wave of boiling hot oil that consumes and burns anything in its path.
Hermit Toads Duet (Genjutsu) (Combo)
  Ma and Pa toad can perform genjutsu through the use of sound from their singing (croaking) .  The noise generated is very loud and time is required for the toads to synchronize their melody.
Katon: Giant Fire Blast (Ninjutsu) 
  Dai Endan. A Fire jutsu Jiraiya used while in Hermit Mode to create a flamethrower-like attack. The flames were not only meant to burn, but also blind the enemy as well.  

List of Toad Summons:
Toad summons Toad #1 (episode 52)
  The first toad Jiraiya was seen summoning in the Naruto series.  It used its long tongue to defeat Ebisu bylashing onto him and slamming him into the ground.

Gamabunta (episode 95)
Gamabunta is also known as the Toad King, and is one of the most powerful toads Jiraiya can summon.  Even Jiraiya has trouble controlling Gamabunta when he is angry.
Toad summons Armored Toad (episode 84)
  The toad was summoned to block Kisame's sword swing at Naruto.  It wears samurai armor and has arm bracers.

Gamakichi Gamakichi (episode 94)
  Gamakichi was summoned accidentally by Jiraiya during the fight with Orochimaru because Tsunade had drugged Jiraiya to prevent him from molding chakra properly.
Toad summons Transport Toad
  This toad was used by Jiraiya to infiltrate the village of Rain.  Despite its small size, Jiraiya was able to pull his entire body from the frog's mouth after it sneaked into the village.

Gamakichi House Toad
  A toad Jiraiya had transformed to resmble a bar in order to trap two Rain ninja.  He can transport himself and others inside the stomach of the toad where the can use the stomach lining to trap his enemies.
Toad summons Scroll Toad
  This oddly shaped toad has a large scroll for a torso and can speak and float in the air. Jiraiya summoned it to activate a release seal.  The 'key' to Naruto's Kyuubi Seal is also written on the inside of its stomach.

Gamakensan Gamakensan
  A large toad who is somewhat slow and clumsy. It carries a large shield and wields a two pronged trident weapon.
Ma Toad Ma Toad
  An elderly female toad who Jiraiya summons as part of his Hermit Mode transformation.  Ma is Fukasaku's wife and has a sharp tongue - often calling the Toad Sage an old fart. She and Pa often bicker but the two can combine to perform various power jutsus.

Pa Toad Fukasaku
  An elderly male toad who Jiraiya summons as part of his Hermit Mode transformation.  Fukasaku is Ma's husband and is excellent at analyzing opponents. He and Ma often bicker but the two can combine to perform various power jutsus.