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Minato Namikaze
(Fourth Hokage)
Fourth Hokage
Ninja Stats not available
Hand Seals

Rank: Kage
Former Sensei: Jiraiya
Former Students: Kakashi Hatake, Rin, Obito Uchiha
Specialties: Body flicker, Sealing jutsu, Rasengan
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch.239
Affiliations: Konoha
Age: ? (January 25)
Height: 5.88 ft
Weight: 123.7lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?

The Fourth Hokage of Konoha was the Jounin who trained Kakashi and he was the one who defeated Kyuubi by sealing him inside Naruto’s body. In chapter 367 of the manga, the Yondaime’s name was finally revealed -  Minato Namikaze. His surname, Namikaze means wind and waves or discord. The first symbol, nami is the word in Japanese for waves, and the second kanji, kaze means wind, hence the translation. It is rather fitting a surname, considering that Minato was known for his quick speed on the battlefield, as quick as wind.

    The most dangerous thing about Minato was his insane speed, gained thanks to his Body Flicker Jutsu (Shunshin no Jutsu). This jutsu instantly transports him to anyplace he wants, hence the nickname “Yellow Flash of Konoha” and can be used over long distances as long as he knows exactly where he’s going. Another jutsu that Minato uses involes special kunais. These kunais are made so wherever they are thrown, the 4th Hokage can immediately teleport to its location. This technique is particularly effective on large numbers of enemies; Minato will simply distribute his special kunai to ally ninja and tell them to throw them at different targets at the same time, then simply teleport to the location and finish off his opponents. This attack can literally defeats a whole army almost instantly. Minato is also one of only four people in the Naruto world able to use the Rasengan, as well as its creator. While we don’t know the peculiars of the Rasengan’s birth, we do know it took Minato three years to perfect the technique. Based on Gamabunta’s testimony we also know that Minato was able to use the Summoning Jutsu to summon frogs just like his teacher. As a last resort Minato has the ability to call on the most power and most dangerous Jutsu that he himself created, the Demonic Soul Seal, the Jutsu that sealed Kyuubi inside Naruto.

    Minato was the sensei of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin. At an overall glance, he had quite a strong team: Kakashi was a genius in his own right, graduating from the ninja academy at 5 and becoming a chuunin at 6; Obito who had the bloodline capabilities to become a Sharigan user; and Rin, a respectable medical ninja - and they were all only 13 years old. Yet despite a seemingly strong showing, much like Team 7, they had their differences.

    Perhaps what made Minato a great teacher was that he did not show any favouritism towards any particular student. When the team almost botched in dealing with only one enemy ninja against the three of them, he reprimanded all of them, pointing out their weaknesses and stressing they cannot work individually - it was important for them to work together as a team.

    Minato has been described as a “nice kid”, well-liked by his peers and others around him. He spoke when it was necessary and listened when someone needed a friend. Given by the opinion of many of the villagers, Minato was an excellent leader, as many people revered him and what he had done to protect the villagers from the Kyuubi. The Hokage title certainly speaks much for that itself, while indeed it honors the strongest shinobi in the village, it also carries much weight on it as well - the person must be able to lead the village, hand out missions, and deal with matters concerning other hidden villages.

    Without a doubt, Minato was an intelligent shinobi, deemed “genius” by his former sensai, Jaraiya. He graduated from the academy at the age of 10, two years earlier than all the current shinobi of Naruto’s generation. He developed many new jutsu, including the shunshin no jutsu, rasengan, and shiki fujin. Many state that no one can ever match in power or intelligence to the Yondaime. Not only is he able to execute jutsu, he was able to create new ones based on his current knowledge. That takes not only book smarts, but creativity as well. He is also cunning, able to come up with mission plans quickly upon hearing the situation, as seen when he requested that the five leaf shinobi just throw out all the kunai knives they had, and he would finish off all the enemies. Undoubtedly, his power and combined intelligence made him the genius ninja he was, and more than deserving of the Hokage title.

    Unfortuneatly we also don’t know a great deal about the family of lineage Minato Namikaze came from. And for most of Naruto, it was presumed that he had passed away without ever revealing more about his personal life. With the release of chapter 367, Kishimoto revealed that Minato did have a love interest, Kushina Uzumaki, a ninja of the former Whirlpool Country. She was noted to have a tomboyish demeanor, always jabbering away and acting like on of the boys. Despite red hair that matched her temperamental personality, she grew up to be very beautiful. It has not been indicated as to how long Minato had known her and whether they were married or soon planning to marry, but both Jiraiya and Tsunade appear to have known her quite well. Kushina eventually gave birth to Naruto. There were many that doubted this to be true due to such uncertainty, but indeed Naruto gets his spiky blonde hair and blue eyes from Minato, though his personality and ninjutsu style come in large part from his mother Kushina, as well as his surname. Kakashi stated that he believed the only one who would surpass the Yondaime would be Naruto, a ninja who is the legacy and carries the bloodline of that genius shinobi in his veins.

bio written by: Anbu_Quazzie  see original post


Abilities and Jutsus:
demon seal Demonic Soul Sealing Technique (Seal) (Special)
  Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin. A powerful technique that calls upon the god of death to seal the opponent's soul. Minato used this technique to seal the Kyuubi's power. The side effect of this jutsu is that the user soon dies after completing the seal.

Four Image Seal (Seal) (Special)
  Shisou Fuuin. This is the seal which Minato used to contain the Kyuubi inside Naruto. It has a highly complex design which allows the Kyuubi's 
light (as opposed to dark) chakra to be siphoned for use by Naruto.
thunder god Flying Thunder God Technique (Ninjutsu)
  Hiraishin no Jutsu. This jutsu is why Minato was nicknamed the "Yellow Flash of Konoha." It is a highly advanced form of the Body Flicker technique and can be considered as teleportation jutsu. Once Minato has marked his unique symbol on an object, he can hone in on it and transport himself to its location instantly.

Rasengan Rasengan (Ninjutsu)
  The Spiraling Sphere was developed by Minato but in its original form, it is an incomplete jutsu. The Rasengan is unique in that its power comes from only using chakra shape manipulation to rotate and compress raw chakra into a rapidly spinning sphere. The downside is that the Rasengan must be delivered to the target at point blank range.