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Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool Pt. 2

8 May 2008 89 Comments

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Side story (Naruto’s New Training)

Jaraiya and Tsunade have been laid to rest though their bodies could not be recovered and Naruto has sworn that avenge them. Alone by a quiet stream Naruto is thinking of what has been lost and how he can keep his promise, he realizes that Jaraiya and Tsunade meant more to him than he ever admitted, in a distant tree a clone of the Hokage keeps silent watch over Naruto and wonders what is going through his mind at this point, “surely he knows he cannot beat the Akutsuki as he is now” the clone thinks. His thought are interrupted when Naruto’s attention is turned to the river bank. The clone is as surprised by the appearance of the toad as Naruto is.

At the river’s edge the toad tells Naruto that Jaraiya sent him and there is much they must discuss and not enough time. The toad begins to tell Naruto everything; that he is the only son of the 4th Hokage (Minato Namikaze) and his mother was Kushina Uzamaki. That his name was given to him to protect him from elements that would seek to destroy all trace of his family’s line, thats why he has his mother’s last name and not this father’s. He tells him when the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked the village all those years ago his father was the only one in the village that had the power to stop the fox and get him to listen if only for a few minutes. Those precious few minutes gave enough time to prepare his sealing jutsu. “He choose you Naruto, because your father saw in you then that only you had the ability to complete a jutsu that he had started to develop and only you can finish”-Toad.

“The Reaper death seal was only temporary you need to surpass your father’s level” with that the toad becomes a scroll and Naruto begins to read, amazingly its a detailed letter from his father in which he apologizes for not being there for him over the years but he’s always been with him, he explains that Naruto is perhaps the very last of a long forgotten clan that had the ability to control bijuu like no other clan before or since. This is the power of his kekkai genkai to merge his chakra with a bijuu and to effortlessly use additional elemental chakra, but for the the bijuu must be sealed within him, thats why he did what he did. He continues to say the only reason it has worked so far is because Naruto’s chakra even as a baby was immense and that chakra has kept him alive where normal ninja would have surely died. After his father’s letter there are instruction on how to begin the jutsu but it states that he must find “the way” himself.

Days pass and Naruto struggles to perform the jutsu, the clone of the 6th keeping silent vigil over him. Naruto is pushing himself very hard but he begins to notice that his speed and awareness are beginning to increase. Its been almost a month and Naruto wonders if he’ll ever get it, just the as if by instinct he gets quiet and enters a trance when he opens his eyes he is standing in a destroyed landscape. Off in the distance he senses th demon fox and moves in that direction. He is suddenly before the fox out in the open, he declares “I am Naruto Uzamaki son of Minato Namikaze, 4th Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves!, I have come here to make your chakra my own!” The fox chuckles but then recognizes the name, “so you are the last of your wretched kind?!” ” I should have known there was more to you than first appeared, very well if you think yourself as worthy you must fight me and prevail or lose your body to me!”-Fox. “Very well”-Naruto flashes though a series of hand signs that are unlike any he’s done before “Cursed Land of Hell Demon Chakra Fusion”-Naruto, the fox is taken totally by surprise who taught him this technique it is a bloodline limit what does he think he’s doing. Naruto’s own chakra has formed a blue orb of energy its intensity and strength bring the fox to its knees in disbelief.

Back in actually time Naruto opens his eyes and instantly notices a change its been a few hours as the sun is coming up. Naruto begins to experiment with his new power he performs a new hand seal Kakashi clone is amazed as he could not follow Naruto’s movements he uses 3 elements “Water Element Heavy Precipitation” “Wind Element Grand Cyclone of Rage!” and a last move “Fire Element Cursed Fire Jutsu” in second Naruto has created a perfect storm within a small geographical area but the effects on the atmosphere are so far reaching that ninja in Suna notice it all. With this high level energy Kakashis clone has no choice but to disperse. At that moment Sakura is in his office and asked about Naruto, Kakashi replies that he is ok and still in the village mere seconds later a gigantic shock wave rocks the whole village. In Suna Gaara looks up and knows it is Naruto but wonders what sort of sick energy is this that he feels.

Naruto emerges from the dust of the explosion and says its time, instantly he stands before Kakashi, his sudden appearance shocks Sakura. Kakashi asks what was that he did just now, to which Naruto does not answer but asks for a team to go after Pein. Kakashi tries to rebut but Naruto will not have it the look in his eyes makes Kakashi know this. The Hokage relents and say only if he can add Yamato to the squad to which Naruto agrees, he quick choices Shika, Neji, Kiba, Sakura, Ino.

The Hunter and the Hunted?

The newly formed team prepares to head out from the village Naruto is speaking to Yamato who Kakashi has made team captain, Yamato nods head in agreement after which Naruto make six shadow clones everyone instantly notice that they are all rain ninja clones and none are alike, Naruto tells them that they know what to do-all nod in agreement and head out. Ino has a puzzled look on her face Yamato explains that they are hunting some one hiding in the rain village and that Naruto’s two clone squads will serve as reconnaissance for them. Ino and Sakura are concerned that wont work because Naruto’s clones disperse too easily Naruto tells that to have faith-”i’m not the same ninja”

At the Hidden Village of Rain one of Naruto squads is one the outskirts of town, clone one who the others call leader says “time-displacement jutsu” complete on the other side of town Naruto second squad appears near a stream- Ryok is the leader of this second team says copy and reports back to Naruto and the rest of the squad Naruto tells everyone that the clones are in place and are searching for the target everyone wonders how the clones could have already reached the Rain Country when they just left.

In a darken room Tobi tells Pein that the Konoha ninja will not take the deaths of the sannin lightly to which Pein says that he is ready just then Zetsu reports that a Konoha squad is already on the way but they are a day away. Tobi says that Sasuke has not “come over” and having them here now will be troublesome, Zetsu also reports its a seven man team and the nine tails is with them, but he immediately adds that something is wrong but he can’t tell what it is. Tobi insists that Pein take Konan and Kisame and intercept them, that he must continue with the Uchiha boy. Moments later the three appear in the rain village, Kisame is swearing because he doesn’t think he needs anyones help to handle the Konoha brats. Pein looks to the sky and says that the battle he’s been waiting for is coming and tells Kisame and Konan to go and he’ll be there shortly as he must make “preparations”.

The three are spotted by one of Naruto’s rain clone teams and he instantly reports to Naruto who tells the rest of the Konha 7 exactly where Pein is and that Kisame and Konan are headed towards to team. “Guys we have trouble coming our way” – Naruto, “What!”-everyone.” The Akustsuki are on their way to intercept us right now”-Naruto. Having located Pein Naruto’s clone teams desperse but not in a puff of smoke one team disperses in a pool of water indicating the were water clones and the other set in a quick flash of lightning (lightning clones). One clone the one called Ryok stays behind to make sure he doesn’t lose Pein.

Already Kisame and Konan stand before the Konoha 7. Kisame asks them what they think they are doing and declares this is the end of the road. “I know this guy, his chakra is unreal and he’s a water user”-Neji. “Ahh, so you remember, well that make me feel all warm and good inside”-Kisame. Konan snaps at Kisame and tells him they don’t have time for games with which Kisame says right. “Well then age before beauty”- Kisame nodding to Konan to go attack them first. Konan is visibly pissed at the statement but tells Kisame to split them up. Kisame performs a series of hand signs and says Water style Water Slicing Blade and with a swift kick of a foot a giant jet of water advances towards the Konoha team with great speed the jutsu forces the team to split Shikamaru, Neji and Ino have been separated from Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru, Yamato and Sakura.

Before the team can regroup Konan appears before Neji’s group and performs the jutsu Devine Paper Slices. Thousands of thin sharp sheets of paper engulf the team. Naruto and Kiba see and call out to their friends before they can attempt to help Kisame appears. “You should really worry about yourselves”-Kisame, Grand Waters Jutsu instantly water is everywhere and Neji’s Team is no where to be seen. Yamato performs Great Forrest of Life to provide tree tops for them to stand on. Kisame recognizes the Earth Element ninjutsu, “Ahh so you are one of that snake Orochimaru’s experiments”. The teams thinks of what to do next.

Neji has used an enhanced version of his devine spin to protect his team from Konan’s attack, Konan smiles but doesn’t notice that Shikamaru is missing. Suddenly a large shadow rises from behind her. “Jutsu complete Giant Protector Stranglehold, Konan suddenly notices she cannot move, you really should pay attention to where all of your enemy are”-Shikamaru. He informs her that she is caught in his jutsu a special shadow possession that draws its power from every shadow in the nearby area and thus saving his own chakra. Konan laughs, Ino says to her this is the end, “Do you think that pitiful low level jutsu was all I had”-Konan. Suddenly the body of Konan disappears in a flurry of paper. “I’ll admit ur good shadow boy but you need to have light to cast a shadow “Everlasting Night Summon“-Konan.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA, you’ve underestimated you enemy child now you will pay”-Konan. “That bitch, I was just getting to enjoy the brilliant rays of the sun”-Kisame. The rest of the team wonder what has happened, Naruto says there’s no time to worry about them lets just end this battle now so we can help. He races through some hand signs and tells Yamato and Kiba to look for the opening. His energy starts to become visible Sakara shout out “No Naruto we dont need that here”. He glances back and tells her not to worry. He stares back at his opponent who is licking his lips with excitement. “Fire Style Grand Phoenix Jutsu“-Naruto, Kisame is taken completely by surprise, “whats!!!, NAruto can use Fire element now!”-rest of team . Instantly he is before Kisame the light from is jutsu too intense to look at that it breaks Konan’s everlasting night jutsu. “Grand Phoenix Bomb“-Naruto- a gigantic explosion of light engulfs the 2 warriors. Yamato shout to Kiba to do it now. “Ninja art: Fangs of Pain jutsu“-Kiba and Akamaru. Kiba and Akamaru attack Kisame in a flurry of relentlessly kicks and punches, Kisame bearly has time to respond does “Frenzied Shark Jutsu” Kiba and Akamaru have no time to counter and retreat to the safety of the tree tops. Naruto’s jutsu has left the whole landscape barren and dried up all Kisame’s water he is visibly hurt. “Wooden Binding! Do it one more time Kiba”- Yamato. When the attack is done Kisame’s beaten body still stands. “I should have known that would not be enough”-Yamato. Beside him stands Naruto, Sakura is in shock clutching her arm, she has never witnessed such high level battle before. Then I will finish it with one blow I will sever all his chakra points”-Naruto with a small Rasengan already in his hand. Next moment he stands behind Kisame but he realizes too late. “Spiral Shuriken“- Naruto. Kisame is hit a point blank range and cannot defend as Naruto’s attack swallows him up.

The sudden burst of light gives Shikamaru and Neji the help the need Shikamaru quickly binds Konan again this time using “Shadow Tendrils” to bind Konan on a molecular level. Then Neji executes ‘Eight Trigrams: One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms-Divine Silence” The jutsu turns Konan’s own chakra into a deadly poison that infects her body’s cells and and rips apart the white blood cells so that she can’t heal herself.

With both Kisame and Konan down and dieing the team regroups the 2 medics try desperately to heal the injuries. Sakura is amazed as to why Naruto isn’t going on about having to rush on to catch Pein. It is at that moment the he reveals that he is not Naruto but a clone and that Naruto went ahead with the advanced team disguised as a rain ninja called Ryok. The whole team is shocked that Naruto was a clone all this while. The clone says he cannot desperse just yet as Naruto is about to engage Pein and he would only put Naruto at a disadvantage. He tells everyone that Naruto has what it takes and wont die before becoming Hokage.

Back in the Rain Village Pein emerges with his original six other bodies, plus two others, Naruto gasps in horror when he sees them.

Sorry more cliffhangers and no pics. To be Continued…….

Thanks for the help with this one Grand_Hokage


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    damn that had lotz of cool jutsu’s :D

    but, one flaw i’ve found, if Naruto was part of that clan than can handle the bijuu’s better than anyone….wouldn’t the 4th Hokage be able to steal Madara’s control over the Kyuubi and control it himself…..why did he have to sacrifice his life….you’ll have to come up with an answer in Part 3 :)

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    thanks alot guys im glad it didn’t disappoint. yh i can include that in the next installment Chaos.

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    Favorite part was after the fight they all realize it was a clone and not Naruto.

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    ZepWolfX Can’t wait for Team 10!!!!!

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    who might they be? Jirayia and…someone else right?

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    now that would be giving away the secret Chaos but there is a clue a big one re near the very top…..you just need to cypher it.

  • Chaos said:

    mhmm….i knew it was ye olde those two :D former kage sama and pervy sage …. and hopefully they’ll manage to live both in the future of the manga….remembah’ J’s body hasn’t been found yet…..

  • mart1 said:

    The bodies are Zabuza and Haku…
    Just kidding, anyway I don’t think that Naruto would have any new chakra elements even if he merged with the chakra of the kyubii. (Except fire)

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    i want him to be alive in the manga its ike if he dies all narutos family would have been dead thought J is just his god father.

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    I’m fairly slow in going up, but I don’t care because my comments are usualy good and mostly spam free. I mean Naruto Uzumaki leveled up to genin in a day but most of his comments were like “I like ramen”

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    If Oro can bring back the dead mabey Saskue can too

  • mart1 said:

    Mabey there is a way to reverse death without a sacrifice

  • Chaos said:

    J can’t die…..he was the reason i actually watched filler anime arcs :(

    Oro can bring back the dead….but it’s not like Sasuke to achieve power that is not rightfully his

    An Zabuza and Haku….man that’d be an interesting turn

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    Maybe he was taught by him maybe he learned several forbidden jutsu too, Oro was a master at forbidden justu

  • Chaos said:

    yea but c’mon, he would’ve used them in the battle against Itachi…..

    since he hasn’t it shows Sasuke’s character…he achieves his goals by his own….Oro stole many of those jutsu’s….Oro is just like a snake, deceiving and conniving, he would any jutsu available to him

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    yh sasuke wanted to beat itachi on his own terms with his own two hands your right chaos plus after a time he even looked down on Oro saying before his sharingan everything else seems worthless of something like that. so if he did learn and forbibben techniques he hasn’t shown it and since he hasn’t shown it fighting against the guys he hated all his life i guess he hasnt learnt any.

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    This is an AWESOME BLOG!!!!!!!!

    Keep it coming guys. This is almost better than the real thing. lol

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    He did do the rebirth jutsu, however I think that bringing back the dead to fight Itachi would be unapealing because he wanted to do the deed himself. He still could have picked it up during training

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    when did Sasuke use the rebirth jutsu I cant recall that?!?!?!

  • mart1 said:

    The one he used to avoid Itachi’s Amatseru

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that one wasn’t that the disgusting one Oro used to spit himself out of a boby.

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    Gj dark i like to read some of these fan fictions the let your imagination run everywhere.It’s a crazy thought that naruto could be so powerful that he could out an akatsuki member with just a clone.

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    dam this is a good story. very creative. The cliifhangers is killing me. I want to know to rest. Nice blog

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    Yeah i dont think that was a reirth justu i just think it ws to spit himself out of his body. Its like an outershell thing or like a snake shedding his skin would make much more sense. So it was just like that.

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    any spoilers?

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    This was an EXCEPTIONAL WORK OF FAN FIC! Great job!

    Great deal of work put into it, and very believable! Good job man!

    From Guruku to Dark Lurker and GH!
    This was well written!

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    Naruto clones vs Six Path of Pein can’t wait. I hope it continue to Madara

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    One hell of a blog man congratulations! Thoe bodies, do you eckon Naruto could deal with his old teacher and hokage? I suppose he isnt thesame ninja anymore and hes got to win!

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    lol dude , nice nice .. but the beginning was like it was on part 1 hehe .. yeye I LIKE STORIES!!!! :)

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    btw i like it how narutos clone pwnz the shit outta kisame lol ! :P

    i think this is going to happen hehe

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    i don’t think akatsuki will give naruto a month rest to master a jutsu

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    Zep I say yes.You and DL should definetly write a manga_blog together.DL you should accept. :)

  • SEPHIROTH13 said:

    Hashirama had been calling himself “Hokage” sinde before Konoha was created. The Senjuu clan he led was feared and respected by all shinobi.

    When the Senjuu moved, so did the Uchiha.
    The Uchiha were the only ones who could fight them evenly.
    If one country hired Senjuu, it’s enemy would hire the Uchihas…and I, who would take on Hashirama himself, quickly attained renown.”

    Sasuke: You took your brother’s eyes in your quest for renown?

    Madara: Not for renown. My brother offered me his eyes.

    Madara clenches his fists (more precisely, he grasps his right arm with his left hand).

    “But the Senjuu offered the Uchiha a truce.”

    “The Uchiha accepted.”

    “I alone was opposed to it.”

    “Was I to simply cast aside the rancor? Was my brother’s sacrifice to be for naught? Though tormented by the suspicion the Senjuu would sooner or later turn on the Uchiha, the truce was what every last man in the clan desired – so reluctantly, I accepted.”

    Madara and Hashirama shake hands.

    “Not long after, we reached an arrangement with Fire Country – and thus was born the Village of Konoha Gakure . The arrangement of one village per country was adopted by all, thus putting an end to strife. A transitory peace was reached.”

    “Then, a certain event would rattle the village .”

    Sasuke: ?

    The position of Hokage. Both Fire Country and the Villagers chose Hashirama. Fearing our clan’s power would be compromised, I presented myself as his challenger – yet there was none, even among the Uchiha, who would follow me. They didn’t stop at slander, but even went so far as to claim I was a man whose lust for power had driven him to steal his younger brother’s eyes…and I ask you, is there a man out there who would take pleasure in hurting his younger brother? What I did, I did to protect the clan, and no more… so I left.”

    “I became an avenger, and waged battle against the village…lost…and died…or so it’s believed. I’m sure Hashirama figured as much himself. His younger brother, The Second, lest traitors should arise within the Uchiha ranks, gave the clan the position of police as a token of his trust. In reality, the idea was to keep them under surveillance. More than one Uchiha caught on to the fact, and began to sympathize with my position.”

    “Too little, too late…the Uchiha had already been relagated to being the Senjuu’s lapdogs.”

    “And one incident would seal the animosity towards them: the Kyuubi’s attack 16 years ago.”

    The two advisors and Danzou mistakenly believed it was the Uchiha’s doing. Despite the fact the Kyuubi’s attack had been a natural disaster, it was said the Uchiha had revolted and such. From that point on, the Uchiha were kept under strict Anbu surveillance. They were segregated from the village.

    The Third extolled the virtues of segregation, but they (the Uchiha) weren’t happy.

    The clan plotted to take over the village by executing a Coup d’etat. And the man responsible for stopping it was…

    “Your brother, Uchiha Itachi. And that’s when his nightmare began.” NEW CHAPTER

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    Seph. You should not post the spoilers on this blog esp. since it doesn’t relate to the manga.

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    “Hey DarkL, I was thinking, after we’re both done with our respective series, we should team up and write something together. What you think?”

    that would be totally awesome man we will.

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    Hey Zep we should defiantely work on something together…..we’ll definately talk about it….killing Pein is gonna be freaking hard especially with the two new bodies he’s acquired…..sorry guys no spoilers here! :)

    Thanks for all the comments guys its been real encouraging, thanks alot.

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    “killing Pein is gonna be freaking hard especially with the two new bodies he’s acquired” – DarkL

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  • Anaujiram^ said:

    to kill an immortal is not hard , just ask for my help and i’ll do it ;)

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    Anaujiram thats cool dude. the first part of the blog was sorta a prelude i realized that there was sorta a gap and to show the other parts of the actual blog without showing what happened during his training whouls leave the story pretty empty. The pyou could say part 2 actaully starts where it says the “hunter and the hunted?”

    Hope that cleared up things. Yh i know just what youmean Zep are you in the shoutbox.

  • SEPHIROTH13 said:

    Man whats up with you???Why you are obsesed with me.You were NEVER higher rank than me when i was genin you were rookie.I won’t answer again so if you so if you have sth personal with me tell me.Have you seen that I became Elite for 4-5 days and then Chaos followed.Why you have to complain the whole time.You think that Bob or sm on Shannaro hates you and thats why you are still examiner…..??Well you are wrong.Just…arghh…why i explain things to you…….””

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    Ok calm down seph he did say he can get pissed ouf at time for nothing so that kinda an apology.

    The issue is buried both of you it is what it is we all rank forward based one the system and we all know what to do and what not to. I think Seph is totally through with this and I believe you are too Anaujiram, right?

    So we all agreed let get one with the business of discussing.

  • mart1 said:

    Anaujiram reminds me of Shino

  • silver_uchiha said:

    Great names for Naruto’s new jutsus! Nice Post Man! And really what I expected from Kishi’s student, dam cliffhanger!
    Tsunade and Jiraya is my guess. I can wait to see.

  • Naruto Uzumaki said:

    That was awsome! oh an guess wht ppl said that Naruto duznthave? They said there is no point to the whole plot 2 Naruto but i told them that they need 2 watch more than a fraction of it or read more than a fraction of it then they will get the point of it. They said all it is is people killing eachother. Well prople who think that READ OER WATCH IT MORE THEN U WILL GET THE POINT!!!! But u ppl that read it and watch it u get the point i dont even haf to tell me cuz i know it 2 :D

  • Naruto Uzumaki said:


  • white shinobi said:

    so if i get it right pein has 8 bodies 2 of them are sannins and naruto want’s to kill them alone ? i don’t know but that new justsu must be a verry powerfull one

    (and i can’t get on the shoutbox anymore why ?)

  • nine@tailed@girl said:

    DL U RULE!!!!!!!!!! good job 8) i can’t wait for the next one :mrgreen: .

  • Grand_Hokage said:

    aggggghhhhhhhh you lot are so funnu especially Septhiroth and Anaujiram why cant you just be complacent just like mart1 like DL said enjoy the site be patient looooooool. Make positive contibutions instead of always moaning all the time. Advancing like ive always said is a bonus. Burt you know what im sayin im an examiner loooooool. Plus it didnt even take me soo long to become one, in due time i will be a jounin like i said its all about being patient like me and DL and septhiroth and Chaos. You will be there soon

  • SEPHIROTH13 said:

    The two bodies have to be J and Tsunade.DL please finish the next blog quickly….No i’m kidding take your time to give us sth super cool.But quickly(hihihihihihihi)

  • Naruto Uzumaki said:

    I am here and i am thinkin like i said b4 AWSOME FAN FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    thanks i’ll try to get the next one out as quick as i can seph. It seems we advance in teams of two Chaos and Sephiroth , Me and Grand_ Hokage. Maybe you need a ninja partner dude.

    Ok thats it Im done messing with Anaujiram , but dude you make yourself way too easy a target, seriously.

  • Naruto Uzumaki said:


  • KakashiDaSixKage said:

    Butif the two new bodies are Tsunada and Jiraiya, Do you think he can Naruto can go against them?!?!?!?!?. I can easily see Naruto loosing control and going into atleast 6+ tails. We’re in for a treat, can’t wait DL

  • DarkLurker_4thLegacy (author) said:

    you best get out of the writer’s mind KakashiDaSixKage but for real its going to be an intense fight. “The safe has been opened and now wrath and ruin will rule the earth” no not a quote from the up comming blog

  • Naruto Uzumaki said:

    I found ut who i can have as a ninja buddy, Naruto_dts! maybe idk

  • busshybrow-sama said:

    woah that was great, usually i would have something to criticize but this was awsome keep up the good work.

    or as busshy brow himself would say “nice work”

  • White_Sharingan said:

    RIP Dl.4L

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